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Linear Cutting Stapler and Components Under Endoscope

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Brand new knife blade for each single use loading unit to provide the sharpness and ensure complete tissue cutting, reduce tissue damage.
Disposable linear cutting stapler for endoscopic is suitable for various open or minimally invasive surgery to perform transection, excision or anastomosis oftissue.

When firing, 6 rows of staples are released, and the cuttingknife passes through the middle to give tissue suture guarantee;

 • The height of the three rows of staples on one side is more different (step design), the blood supply of the suture tissue is good, and the cutting edge is good for hemostasis. 

• The design of the joint head has adjustment angles of 0°-45°, which is convenient for operation at a suitable angle

• With no damage pre-holding force, it can be used as a grasping forceps to reduce the number of instrument replacement 

• Reduce tissue side overflow and end overflow during firing

• The nail cutting board is thin and fixed, and it can enter smoothly without separating the large wind gap, reducing tissue damage

A premium designed linear stapler with a robust design and exceptional performance delivers outstanding and reliable results during use. Manufactured from high medical grade (USA imported materials) ensures positive outcormes and user experience.

Endoscopic Linear Cutter Features and Benefits:

Reloadable up to 6 x with 7 firings per device.

Intermediate inter-lock position

Full range of reloads for various tissue thicknesses available

Medical grade 440 USA imported stainless steel and medical grade 1 titaniu m staple wire

Excellent ergonomics ensuring great user experience

Different staple heights available.


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