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Skin stapler

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The skin stapler has the advantages of convenient operation, fast speed, light tissue reaction and beautiful healing. It is used in general surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and Gynecology, burn department, emergency department, cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery and other surgical departments for epidermal suture or skin island nailing of long wounds. It has the advantages of quickness and simplicity, and all skin incisions are healed in class A.

Operation steps of skin staplerDisposable skin stapler for sale - Smail

1. Turn the skin on both sides of the wound upward with tissue tweezers and pull it together for fitting;

2. Align the arrow on the stapler vertically with the surgical incision. The front end is close to the skin, hold the upper and lower handles tightly, and apply force evenly until

Press the handle in place;

3. After suture, completely loosen the handle and exit the stapler.

Precautions for stapler

The stapler is a high-value consumable. Before use, check the model and specification with the itinerant nurse and the surgeon, and open the package after confirmation;

There are various small components on the stapler. Pay attention to the direction of the small components before and after use to avoid leaving them in the body;

The stapler used after operation should be put back into the outer packing box and then treated as medical waste.

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