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best endoscopic linear cutter

best endoscopic linear cutter

  • New Endoscopic stapler|Laparoscopic stapler

    New Endoscopic stapler|Laparoscopic stapler

    CE certified
    Compatible design ensure easy replacemen.
    Grpping surface design provide outstanding stapling perfomance.
    Multiple models can satify every damands of different surgeries.
    Medical level materials ensure no tissue rejection.
    Apply to ECEHLON Series 60mm Stapler

  • Linear Cutting Stapler and Components Under Endoscope

    Linear Cutting Stapler and Components Under Endoscope

    Brand new knife blade for each single use loading unit to provide the sharpness and ensure complete tissue cutting, reduce tissue damage.
    Disposable linear cutting stapler for endoscopic is suitable for various open or minimally invasive surgery to perform transection, excision or anastomosis oftissue.