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Bioluminescent Polymer Splint | Medical Polymer Splint | Orthopedic Splint

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Bioluminescent medical composite materials and polymer materials (bioluminescent polymer splints) are functional polymer bandages and polymer splints made through scientific compatibility. They not only retain the plasticity of polymer ribbons and polymer splints, but also The advantages of lightness, water resistance, and high X-ray penetration, and its unique pain relief and swelling functions, bring greater benefits to patients, and at the same time, it does not change the doctor's usage habits. With bioluminescent functional products The clinical application will also quickly promote the industrial upgrade of traditional bandages and polymer splints. The product not only plays the role of external fixation of bone injuries, but also has the effects of relieving pain and reducing swelling, and promotes the healing of bone wounds with long-term use.

Serialized products to optimize the treatment plan of the department;

The only second-class medical device for orthopedic and traumatological fixation in China, and a series of products for external fixation of orthopedic trauma with functional patented technology;

China's only functional external fixation product with pain relief and swelling, long-term use can promote bone wound healing; at the same time, it has all the advantages of current polymer external fixation materials (easy to shape, light, comfortable, waterproof, breathable, X-ray transparent) , High intensity);

Functional product with definite curative effect. Relieve the suffering of patients with bone injuries and improve the quality of life;

It is easy to operate and reduces the workload of medical staff.

The difference between bioluminescent polymer splint and other products:

The first generation product: fixed splint, poor shaping effect;

Second-generation product: fixed by plaster, bulky and airtight;

The third generation product: fixed by polymer materials, no therapeutic effect;

The fourth generation product (bioluminescent polymer splint): a functional fixing material with auxiliary therapeutic effect.


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