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Disposable Circumcision Stapler

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One-time use circumcision stapler

Replacing Traditional Foreskin Cutting Is Simple And Fast
Standard Safety, Very Short Time, No Need To Rewire
Once Thorough, Neat And Beautiful Incision
Does Not Affect Visual Perception

Disposable Circumcision Stapler Scope of Application:

Suitable for clinical circumcision cutting and suture surgery.

Circumcision Stapler Product Features:

1. The operation is simple, fast and convenient;

2. The cutting and suture can be completed at one time, greatly shortening the operation time;

3. Reduce edema after intraoperative bleeding;

4. Automatically remove nails, no need to remove stitches, and the incision will be more beautiful after healed.

Compared with other similar products:

1. The nail feet are denser, and the nail spacing is 0.5mm, so that no bleeding during and after surgery becomes a reality;

2. The postoperative nail removal effect is better;

3. Imported raw materials, better quality.

Circumcision Instruments Advantages:

1. The nail feet are much denser and the space between nail feet is 0.5mm, which can ensure no hemorrhage during and after surgery.

2. Nail-off after surgery is more effective.

3. The raw material is imported, of which the quality is better.Disposable Circumcision Stapler-Smail


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