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Disposable Linear Cutting Stapler

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Disposable Linear Cutter Stapler

The disposable linear cutter is applicable for transection, resection, and the creation of anastomoses. It has 4 rows of staples with a knife between the second and third row. It is a sterile, single-patient-use instrument that simultaneously staples.

Patient use linear cutters are meticulously designed for the excision, transection and stapling in abdorninal, gynaecological peediatric and thoracic surgeries. Focusing primarily on great functionality, reliability and superior performance, we ensure the user experienceieflewless XNY linear cutters deliver extremely smooth cutting and secure staple line formation throughout our Nova range.

Linear Cutting Stapler Features and Benefits

Ultra sharp 440 medical grade USA imported hardened stainless steel

Two intermediate positions (front and rear) to accommodate different surgeon preferences

Superior,smooth and staple performance with perfectly formed  B'shaped staples

Secure staple line formation,with 4 staples beyond the line of resection

Built-in safety lock-out mechanism

Different cartridges available for various tissue thickness.


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