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Disposable Skin Stapler

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Medical Skin Stapler PARTICULARS

• Disposable Skin Stapler
• This Skin Stapler Is Suitable For The Hands Of Various Surgeons.
• The Inclined Head Of The Skin Stapler Provides A Clear View To Ensure Accurate Placement Of The Staples And The Staples Can Easily Enter The Tissue.
• The Careful Design Of The Release Mechanism Of The Skin Stapler Makes The Stapler Easy To Use.
• This Skin Stapler Is Easy To Use And Reduces The Learning Curve.
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Single Use Skin Stapler Features and Benefits:

  • Has been servicing the health care market for more than 20 years, without making any concession from the company principle of security, quality, reliabilty and customer satisfaction. Kaydee is a manufacturer of medical appliances, specializing in sterile disposable skin stapler and sterile disposable staple remover. Kaydee Co. who has been ISO13485:2016 certified by TUV SUD, the sterile disposable skin stapler and the sterile disposable staple remover are CE & FDA certified.

  • Kaydee sterile disposable skin stapler and sterile disposable staple remover have been selling to many countries such as USA, Turkey, Korea, India, Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, France, Morocco, etc.; In China, they also have been widely used at over 1,000 hospitals in many large cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xian etc.

  • Sterile Disposable Skin Stapler

  • 1、Benefits:

  • The Characteristics Of The Stapler's Handle Design For Good Texture And Is Suitable For Various Surgeon's Hand.

  • Angled Head Provides Clear View To Ensure Precise Staple Placement And The Staple Could Enter The Tissue Easily.

  • The Elaborate Design Of The Staple Release Mechanism Actuate The Stapler With Easy For Using.

  • Easy To Use, Reduce Learning Curve.

  • Two Model Skin Stapler, Five Staple Sizes ( Wide, Regular, High, Large, Small ) And Nine Staple Counts In Stapler Are True Of All Surgical Field.

  • 2、 Suggest Applications:

  • Operation Room Labor and Delivery Emergency Department

  • Outpatient Surgery Clinics and Physician's Office

  • 3、 Technical Information:

  • Two Model: D Model And E Model.

  • D Model Is Suitable For Big Hands, Male Surgeons And Nurses May Be Like It.

  • E Model Is Suitable For Small Hands, Female Surgeons And Nurses May Be Like It.

  • Five Staple Sizes:

  • Wide Staple Is Applicable To The General Part Of Body.

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