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Disposable tissue closure clip|vascular clip|surgical vascular clip

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 Use safe polymer materials

 --Has good biological compatibility and stability

 --Without affect the X-ray, CT, MRI and other imaging studies

 Safety lock, arc, elasticity, and prevent slippery designs

-Rapid ligation in operation, safe reliable results

 Three kinds of specifications

 --Can meet various clinical ligation requirements

 Lock release device

 --Can open clips and adjust ligation position during operation


Safety of titanium vascular clip: 

Buckle locking device, safer in clipping Anti-slip off and anti-collapse and opening design; able to maintain flexible ligation stump; non-absorbable materials, antibacterial, non-toxic and no human tissue rejection

Reliable: The tactile sensing should be in the close mode and safety should be felt; clipping and closure are more completely; no developing or artifacts on X-ray, MRI and CT examination; no tissue adhesions or eschar, hinge+bow peg leg, large in the extensional scope of ligation

Fast of microvascular clip: 

Effective caputre and ligation target, reduction of separation of the ligated tissue region; non-nail-off design, save operation time and can replace the traditional silk ligature; reversing device, to wear suitable sorrounding tissue, save in operation time.

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