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Endoscopic stapler|Laparoscopic stapler

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CE certified

Compatible design ensure easy replacemen

Grpping surface design provide outstanding stapling perfomance.

Multiple models can satify every damands of different surgeries.

Medical level materials ensure no tissue rejection.


Apply to ECEHLON Series 60mm Stapler


Structure and composition of laparoscopic stapler:

Linear cutting stapler and components for disposable endoscope are composed of body and assembly.

The body consists of a nail seat, joint head, rod, rotating button, adjustment paddle, blade direction switch button, firing indicator window, blade direction to the indicator window, release button, handle, close handle, firing handle.

It is composed of a cutting knife and a staple cartridge seat, and the components are composed of a staple cartridge and anastomosis nails.The product is provided in a sterile state and sterilized by ethylene oxide. 

One time use.

Scope of laparoscopic stapler application:

Suitable for open or endoscopic surgical operations, lung and bronchial group, weaving and resection, transection and anastomosis of stomach and intestine.

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