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Endoscopic stapler staple cartridge|chelon gst60gr reloads

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One-handed operation allows the surgeon to better focus on the traverse line and place the anvil exactly where it is needed. The jaw opening from the proximal end to the distal end is wide, which is convenient for tissue positioning/manipulation. It is convenient to use with other brands of endoscopic staplers.

The best staple cartridge can be formed even in relatively thick tissues. The strengthened whole system helps to form staples correctly, which is necessary for effective leakage prevention and hemostasis. The compression before firing prevents fluid from leaking out of the target tissue before firing.


6 rows of staples can effectively prevent bleeding. Endoscopic staplers of different heights are used, and the longer nail height is used on the outer side to ensure better blood supply to the tissue; the shorter nail height is used on the inner side, which results in less bleeding and faster healing. The innovative structure of the staple cartridge and the design of three staples with different heights allow users to have more choices.

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