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Features of linear cutting stapler

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Features of linear cutting stapler

1. Flexible operation;

2. Reduce tissue damage;

3. Ensure the safety of endoscopic surgery;Disposable Linear Cutting Stapler price - Smail

4. Equidistant gap control;

5. It is equipped with safety device to avoid secondary firing and ensure the safety of operation;

6. The wide opening at the front end of the nail box is convenient for organization and inclusion;

7. Nail boxes of various models and specifications can be selected;

8. Reduce the complexity of operation.

Operation steps of endoscope linear stapler

1. "Clean the gun" before component installation;

2. Loading nail bin components;

3. Clamping tissue: before clamping tissue, pass the jaw of stapler nail bin through the tissue to be cut and anastomosed, buckle the handle to clamp the jaw completely, and check that the jaw and clamping tissue are normal;

4. Stapler firing: press the green safety button, open the firing safety, slowly and evenly buckle the handle, cut the tissue and continuously shoot out the staples;

5. Component reset exit: after firing, pull back the black reset cap to the initial position, open the jaw and separate the tissue from the stapler;

6. Unloading and reinstallation of components: before unloading the nail bin components, confirm that the stapler steering knob (white) and reset cap (black) are in the reset state, press the arrow direction of the blue unlocking button, press the unlocking button to the end, and rotate the nail bin components 45 degrees counterclockwise;

7. Unload the nail bin components. The disposable linear endoscope stapler can load various types of linear and curved nail bin components. 

When the stapler is in a single patient, the stapler can repeatedly load the nail bin components and fire up to 20 times.

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