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Disposable Skin Stapler Machine Reviews

Disposable Skin Stapler Machine Reviews

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Disposable Skin Stapler Review

Disposable Skin Stapler (Suture Replacement) with 55 Pre-Assembled Wires and Stapler Removal Tool for Outdoor Camping Emergency Survival Demonstration,First Aid Field Emergency Practice, Veterinary Use tile design and safety mechanism design, unique ratchet system to prevent jamming.After binding, the stapler can be retracted at any angle;

The remaining staples indicator makes it easy to know and check the number of remaining staples;

Indicators on the stapler head provide guidance for wound closure; Ergonomic and user-friendly design;The job site is clearly visible;

The staples are very close to the skin, and the gap between the staples and the skin is only 1mm, which can ensure that the staples are inserted vertically into the suture site and obtain the best suture effect.

Internal safety mechanisms are designed to avoid misuse.Medical grade 316L stainless steel staples.

Larger staple forming size: 7.5x4.5cm, more suitable for thick skin, skin with thick subcutaneous fat and skin with strong surface tension.Staples have greater tensile strength. After forming,it is a regular rectangle of 90°, and the sewing performance is stronger.Component remover is available.

About this project:

• NEW PREMIUM PRODUCT: The MATRIX WIZARD Disposable Wound Stapler and Remover Combo Pack is medical grade and made of high quality materials.The package contains a sterile skin stapler, which is an excellent replacement for surgical sutures and a stapler remover.This is a great addition to your existing contingency training set.It's simple,flexible, safe and efficient.This combo pack is convenient to put in your first aid training kit.

• HANDY:This combo device is ideal for those wanting to master the art of wound closure for real life emergencies,outdoor survival demonstrations,first aid training,required hospital related skills,clinic rotation for medical/surgery hospital students, college anatomy Home products for anthropology,classroom experiments, biology classes, zoology classes, lab activities/experiments, training to sew skin, taxidermy, hobbyists,DIY projects, and more.

• Quality: The Skin Stapler Exercise Set passes the high standards of the International Quality Assurance Product Board. It is the perfect presentation device loved by clinical trainees,residents, student nurses, practicing veterinarians and other training-related medical practitioners.This is the perfect alternative to surgical sutures commonly used in practice schools and other educational settings.A great gift for any occasion.

• Safety: The training package is designed for you.The skin stapler comes preloaded with 55 sterile threads, so you don't have to worry about safety.It has a simple and functional design and is easy to use.The sterile veterinary skin stapler fits securely in your hand for added convenience in wound closure.Unique design fits all hand sizes securely.The device comes with a gauge and the remaining staples are clearly visible for accurate use.



Just Launched:

  • Medical Skin Stapler.
  • Disposable Skin Stapler.
  • This skin stapler fits a variety of surgeons' hands.
  • The angled head of the skin stapler provides a clear view to ensure accurate stapler placement and easy access to tissue.
  • Well-designed skin stapler release mechanism makes the stapler easy to use.
  • This skin stapler is easy to use and reduces the learning curve.


Disposable Skin Stapler Features and Benefits

  • Serving the healthcare market for over 20 years, never giving up on the company's principles of safety, quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Disposable skin stapler and sterile disposable staple remover have been exported to the United States,Turkey, South Korea, India,Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, France, Morocco and other countries; in China, there are also Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places Sales.It is widely used in more than 1,000 hospitals in many big cities such as Xi'an.
  • Sterile Disposable Skin Staplers

Benefit of the Skin Stapler:

• The design features of the stapler handle have good texture and are suitable for various surgeons' hands.

• Sloping head provides a clear view for precise staple placement and easy tissue access.

• Well-designed stapler release mechanism makes the stapler easy to use.

• Ease of use and reduced learning curve.

• Two models of skin staplers, five staple sizes (wide, normal, high, large, small) and nine staple counts for all surgical fields.

• Recommended Applications:

• Operating theatre birth emergency department

• Ambulatory surgery clinics and physician offices

Skin Stapler technical information

• Two models: D model and E model.

• Type D is suitable for large hands and may be appreciated by male surgeons and nurses.

• Type E is suitable for small hands and may be favored by female surgeons and nurses.

• Five staple sizes:

• Wide nails are suitable for general areas of the body.

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