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One Time Use Arc Cutting Stapler

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Features of disposable arc cutting stapler:
1. One-time use arc cutting stapler, the arc size is more than 45MM, but the linear size is small, which is convenient for entering the abdominal cavity and is beneficial for low rectal surgery;
2. Anastomosis and cutting can be completed at one time, making the operation more convenient;
3. It has been sterilized and used for one time to prevent cross-infection.

Arc Cutting Stapler Features:

1. Imported titanium wire provides higher strength and stretch;

2. The integrally formed nail anvil ensures the complete forming of the staple nail;

3. Provide four rows of staples to make the anastomotic tissue more dense;

4. Provide a visual arc design of the surgical field to better expose the anatomical structure and facilitate deep operation;

5. The cutting and anastomosis are completed synchronously, reducing pollution and simplifying the operation of distal rectal dissection.

    Specification model

Effective stitch length

    Nail height (mm)Forming height (mm)
       HXGHQA-4040                4.8               2.0
       HXGHQA-4545                4.8               2.0
       HXGHQB-4040                4.8               2.0
       HXGHQB-4545                4.8               2.0

Arc cutting stapler scope of application:

Dissociation operation of the distal rectum in radical resection of low rectal cancer (anus preserving surgery).


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