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Product features of endoscope linear stapler

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Endoscope linear stapler's Product features

1. Make the shape of the distal and proximal staples consistent to ensure good hemostatic effect;

2. Prevent accidental firing before unclipping the tissue;

3. Facilitate the placement and adjustment of tissue;

4. Facilitate the placement of instruments and reduce tissue injury;

5. Reduce the complexity of operation and reduce the cost of patients.

Advantages of Endoscope linear stapler

1. Safety: reinforced fixed anvil with stronger clamping force;endo linear stapler manufacturer - Smail

2. Effective: unique water drop nail groove and olecranon design;

3. Simple: ergonomically designed handle that can be operated by one hand;

4. Economy: one piece of equipment is suitable for all kinds of nail warehouses, and the whole sewing system is replaced.

Safety: reinforced fixed anvil (olecranon type);

Effective: "water drop" nail bin groove design ensures the "B" shape of sewing nails and the sewing effect;

Simple: ergonomically designed handle, non slip;

Economy: the steering and seam cutting system can rotate 45 ° left and right, and one instrument is suitable for all kinds of nail bins.

Operation steps of stapling bin with endoscope stapler

1. Make sure the reset handle is fully pulled back

2. Make sure the handle is in the original position

3. The reset safety button must be in the rear, the firing handle must be in the original position, and the gun shall be cleaned again when changing the nail bin.

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