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Single Use Anoscope with Light Source

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Single Use Anoscope with Light Source Product Introduction
With its own light source, it is convenient to use in inspection;
In the absence of an external light source,
Acrylic material, better light transmission;
One-time use to avoid cross-infection;

Anoscope With Light Source Overview:

1. The window design of the mirror body can effectively open the inner wall of the anus and expand the direct field of vision; the mirror body is equipped with scale lines to make the inspection and treatment more accurate and convenient;

2. The light source penetrates deeper and more concentrated, clearly exposing the intestinal cavity, which is helpful for the operation;

3. The lesions in the anorectal area can be used for one-time use of an anoscope with a light source to take the biopsy tissue for pathological examinations under direct vision;

4. EO sterilization self-care, one-time use, no cross-infection, safe and reliable.

The main structure of the disposable anoscope with light source:

The anoscope is composed of a mirror body, a handle, a light guide column, and a detachable light source.

The scope of application of disposable anoscope products with light source:

This product is used for anorectal examination and treatment.

Specifications, models and technical parameters of single-use anoscope with light source:

The basic size of a single-use anoscope with light source Unit: Mm

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