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Single Use Purse String Stapler

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Purse string stapler Structure and composition/main components:

The purse-string suture needle is composed of two suture needles and one suture. According to the length of the suture, it is divided into two specifications. The suture is a No. 0 non-absorbent suture with a diameter of Φ0.350-Φ0.399mm. The needle diameter is Φ0.90-Φ1.04mm; the needle is made of 12Cr18Ni9, and the suture is made of polyamide 6 or polyamide 6/6. The product is provided in a sterile state, sterilized by irradiation, and is disposable .

Purse strings medical scope of application/intended use:

Used in conjunction with suture forceps, it is suitable for purse-string ligation in anastomosis surgery.

Convenient operation: Built-in purse-string and fixing nails are convenient for sewing purse-strings during high- or low-position surgery;

Eliminate cross-infection: one-time use;

Time-saving and labor-saving: the purse is automatically formed by just one clip;

Applicable departments: 

Thoracic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, general surgery, anorectal surgery;

Applicable surgery:

Esophageal cancer resection

Subtotal and total gastrectomy

Gastric stromal tumor resection

Colon and rectal resection


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