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Single Use Trocar

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Disposable trocar Product Introduction:
Single use only, avoid cross inflection;
Unique design, small trauma, quick recovery;
Thread design, perfect maintain of the veress;
The sealing valve adopts four-layer and sixteen-valve segmented design to better ensure air tightness;

Piercing Cannula Needles Features:

. Use happily and effectively avoid contact with infection.single use tractor for sale- Smail

The puncture needle of the knifeless trocar is designed with a blunt tip, which can prevent the puncture needle from puncturing the organs.

. With a knife-shaped piercer helmet can effectively protect and protect the protective cover, destroying the knife. With compression, and with safety buttons, the elastic can expand and contract freely.

. Catheter The catheter pipe is designed with a special thread, which has low resistance during playback and can be fixed in the abdomen afterwards, which can ensure the smooth operation of the operation.

.A variety of different tube diameters and different specifications of utensils can be opened in the human tissue to facilitate the in and out of various surgical instruments.

.Good airtightness and gas barrier properties can effectively prevent the leakage of the intra-abdominal outlet.

Single use trocar applicable surgery:

single use tractor cost- Smail

Surgical tools for intracavitary surgery on human abdominal wall tissue during laparoscopic examination and surgery.


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