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Use of various disposable evacuated blood collection vessels

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Use of various disposable evacuated blood collection vessels


1. Safety: It is easy to completely destroy and reduce iatrogenic infectious diseases.

2. Convenience: multiple tube specimens can be collected for one venipuncture to reduce unnecessary repeated operation, save time and effort, alleviate patients' pain, and be easy to mix.

3. Situation needs: It is connected with developed countries. Developed countries have 60 years of experience in using it, and domestic hospitals above Grade II have adopted it.

4. The identification is clear to meet the requirements of different specimen collection.capillary blood sample collection manufacturer - Smail

Yellow tube (or orange tube): used for general biochemical and immune tests. It is marked with 3, 4 and 5ml scales. Generally, 3ml ± blood is taken. Orange tube contains coagulant, which shall be mixed several times during blood drawing (used in winter or emergency to promote blood coagulation as soon as possible and facilitate serum separation)

Blue head tube: blood coagulation item inspection, PLT function analysis, fibrinolytic activity determination. Collect blood accurately to 2ml scale (intravenous blood 1.8ml+0.2ml anticoagulant). 1: 9. Mix upside down for more than 5 times.

Blackhead tube: 0. 32ml 3.8% sodium citrate anticoagulant tube. Used for ESR inspection. Collect blood accurately to the first mark line, 0. 4ml anticoagulant+1.6ml venous blood). Slowly invert and mix for 8 times.

Purple head tube: blood cell analysis, blood type identification, cross matching, G-6-PD determination, partial hemorheology test, immunology test. Venous blood 0. 5—1.0ml。 Anticoagulant: EDTA salt. Mix it upside down for more than 5 times or stir it evenly

Green head tube: mainly emergency biochemistry, general biochemistry, hemorheology test, blood gas analysis, immunology test, RBC penetration test. Blood collection volume 3. 0-5。 0ML. Anticoagulant: heparin sodium/heparin lithium. Mix it upside down for more than 5 times.

Precautions for vacuum blood collection

1. The infusion end should be avoided for venous blood collection of special patients.

2. The blood collection volume of blue head tube and black head tube must be accurate

3. The blue head tube should be placed in the second place (after the red head tube) as far as possible.

4. The anticoagulant tube shall be reversed and slowly mixed for more than 5 times at least, and the purple tube can be gently flicked and mixed for less blood collection.

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