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Vacuum Blood Collection System

The vacuum blood collection tube is a one-time negative pressure vacuum tube that can realize quantitative blood collection and needs to be used in conjunction with a venous blood collection needle. The principle of the vacuum blood collection tube is to draw the blood collection tube test tube with a cap into different vacuum degrees in advance, and use its negative pressure to automatically and quantitatively collect venous blood samples. The human venous blood is drawn into the blood sample container through the blood sampling needle under the action of negative pressure inside the vacuum blood collection tube, and under one venous puncture, multiple tubes can be collected without leakage. The volume of the lumen connected to the blood collection needle is small, and the effect on the volume of blood collection is negligible, but the probability of reversal is relatively small. If the volume of the lumen is relatively large, a part of the vacuum of the blood collection tube will be consumed, thereby reducing the collection volume.


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