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amalgam capsules wholesale

  • amalgam capsules
  • There are 4 types of amalgam capsules, which are distinguished by color, which is convenient for selection and use.
  • The content of amalgam capsules in red packaging is 800ML
  • Outer packaging of amalgam capsules
  • Simple packaging of amalgam capsules
  • amalgam capsules wholesale
  • amalgam capsules wholesale
  • amalgam capsules wholesale
  • amalgam capsules wholesale
  • amalgam capsules wholesale

product features:

Silver amalgam is a long-established dental caries filling material, which is an alloy formed by the amalgamation reaction of mercury and dental silver alloy powder. Silver amalgam capsules are capsules made of silver alloy powder and high-purity mercury in a certain proportion. The purpose is to solve the problems of inaccurate manual preparation and mercury pollution on site.

Product introduction

【Model】 white200mg、yellow400mg、blue600mg、red800mg
【Specifications】 50capsule/cassette 、20cassette/box
Special quenching powder technology, the alloy powder only contains silver, tin, copper, powder grain is not regular form, no zinc, no gamma 2 phase. Little creep, no corrosion, No smell, no irritation ,Easy to operate and easy to polish ,No solidification shrinkage, no microleakage ,Excellent compression strength ,The filling body surface is uniform and dense,No loose, detached, broken or hard pressed marks; The closed capsule structure has the characteristics of safety and convenience. The operation time is moderate 7-9 minutes

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